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Rapists can legally get joint custody of children conceived during the rape

Rape statistics

It may be difficult to believe, but only 19 states restrict the rights of rapists to custody of the children fathered through the rape.

Rapists have been known to blackmail their victims with threats to seek joint custody, so that the victim will remain silent and not pursue criminal charges.

That is how deep the family court joint custody presumption runs. Despite evidence indicating a violent assault and/or criminal charges or convictions, family court judges still seek to protect the rights of both parents to be involved in their children’s lives.

Consider this terrible story of a teen raped at age 14 and now involved in a custody battle with her rapist.

Study links childhood neglect to adult relationship problems

Dynamic Life Development

A recent study, reported on at the annual meeting of the American Psychiatric Association, found a direct link between childhood neglect and relationship difficulties in adulthood, including an inability to form lasting close relationships with others.

The study, conducted by Thachell Tanis and Lisa J. Cohen, Ph.D., on 114 non-psychotic patients, used clinical self-report surveys with 114 patients to evaluate the patients’ childhood histories and adult relational capacity

The Multidimensional Neglectful Behavior Scale measured the subjects’ history of neglect in childhood, and the Severity Indicies of Personality Problems assessed the capacity for intimacy and enduring relationships.

The findings were striking.

Childhood neglect as a whole correlated with an 81% negative affect in ability to form lasting relationships in adulthood.

See the report in Clinical Psychiatry News: Childhood Neglect Affects Close Adult Relationship Capacity

Moving art exhibition by traumatized children in the UK

Painting from Child Hood, The Real Event, 2012
Fungai Benhura

Last year at this time, Kids Company, a charitable organization in the UK, working with severely abused and traumatized children and youth, put on a highly lauded art exhibition called Child Hood, the Real Event at the Royal Academy of Arts. The artwork from over 1000 children included paintings, poetry, and sculpture depicting the painfully troubled lives the young artists lived on the streets of London.

Consider this review of the exhibition by Florence Waters in The Telegraph.

Many traumatized and abused children exhibit extraordinary artistic talent, and much of the art exhibited speaks to the suffering and unbelievable violence these children endured. For instance, one room in the exhibition, the Pink Room, featured a sculpture of a girl lying on a bed, her body cracked in places, beneath a hanging mobile decorated with mens’ shoes.

Kids Company uses a wraparound model in its work with abused and neglected children and youth, providing therapy, social support, education, and living facilities. Its mission includes the goal of influencing other organizations around the world to adopt its model. Like a nonprofit organization in the United States, Kids Company is funded by private donations and government funding.