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Quanitta Underwood – A Story of Childhood Abuse

Women’s boxing is an Olympic event for the first time this year, and America’s strongest contender for a medal is Quanitta Underwood. Incidentally, Quanitta was just written up in the New York Times – a story about her traumatic childhood, specifically abuse at the hands of her father. Childhood abuse more common than people think.

I would like to post a link to this sad and horrible story, in the meanwhile reminding readers that child abuse hides in many insidious places, including in the lives of famous people. Think about the horror Quanitta and her sister lived through as little girls, their innocence taken from them far too early, her choice of career, perhaps in line with the pain she went through as a child.

The Living Nightmare. Quanitta Underwood: A Contender for Olympic Gold and a Survivor